November 3, 2009

Status quo is not working

I had my weekly WI this morning and was most displeased with the results: Up 3.4 pounds — since Wednesday.

Yes, there was a stress-filled Friday night binge (Taco Bell and too many Halloween cookies/candy) and the Boyfriend fed me too much for dinner Sunday night ... but 3+ pounds?

Some of it was probably water weight, but still, I'm unhappy with that. I'm supposed to be getting closer to goal, not farther away!

So I've decided what I've been doing is not working. The question is, what to do about it?

I think I've settled on an answer. I'm going to start taking pictures of what I eat before I eat it, and posting it here for you all to see, a la's Eat Like Me blog.
That ought to make me think twice about scarfing down 8 Halloween cookies and a plate of cheesy nachos!

Here's my stab at yesterday. I started with lunch, because that was after the bad WI.
Lunch was a beef/veggie bowl with brown rice from the Flame Broiler (8 Points). I forgot to snap it before I started eating, so by what you see is about half of it, after I'd eaten most of the veggies.

After lunch, I had
something sweet: a fun-size bag of Oreos (1 Point). I was excited to learn that
pack of those things
was just 1 Point ... but one pack is really a teeny tiny amount.

Afternoon snacks at work were a light English
muffin with hummus (2 more Points) and a honeycrisp apple.

Needed a quick dinner, so it was off to the Wendy's drive-thru. But I order
ed as healthy as I could: grilled chicken sandwich (7 Poin
ts) with a side salad (1 for the dres

What you didn't see: Breakfast was peanuts and a banana (5). I also forgot
to snap the 10 grape
tomatoes I ate at work (0) and the mini-box of Milk Duds pilfered from someone's leftover Halloween stash at the office (1).

My grand total for the day was 28 Points, so I used 5 FPs.

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