November 26, 2009

Off to a healthy start (11/26 breakfast)

So far, my Thanksgiving is going great.

I woke up early and got about 600 words written on my novel (not a huge amount, but there's still a chance for me to do more before the Boyfriend gets back home).

While I was writing, I ate my healthy breakfast: 2 clementines and a Nutri-grain cherry cereal bar (my favorite flavor). That's just 3 Points, so I have plenty left for later! Yes, I'm aware that I should eat some lunch, too. I'll try to keep it to about the same number of Points, leaving me with plenty for the big turkey dinner with all the trimmings.

I still have most of my FPs for the week, seeing as how it's only Day 3 for me. I'm thankful for a Tuesday start to my WW week! :D

Seriously, I have a lot to be thankful for. Roni's question of the week asked exactly that, and though I haven't answered yet, I've been thinking about it.

Here's a quick rundown. I'm thankful for:
  • Friends and family, especially a new nephew born healthy and happy.
  • The chance to share my weight struggles with you all, my Weight Watchers friends and the Blog to Lose community.
  • A job that I enjoy (most of the time).
  • My writer friends in Northern Arizona Romance Writers of America, who inspire me to set goals and keep going. I'm going to start looking for an agent soon, I think.
  • My RWA Golden Heart entry is complete, and has been received at RWA HQ.
  • Whatever meager following my blog(s) may have. Someday, it'll grow.
I'm also planning a walk before dinner. In fact, I may take it right after I finish this post.

Here's a photo of last night's dinner, too. I had a baked sweet potato with salad and a turkey burger (7 Points total). Dessert was a bowl of Special K
chocolaty delight with skim milk (3 more), and later I had a 100-calorie Reese's PB cookie bar (another 3). The day's total was 27, so I used 4 FPs.

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