November 4, 2009

Day One (again)

My first full day of snapping photos of everything I ate went very well indeed. I hit my target of 23 Points for the first time ever (since losing a Point on my birthday).

As I suspected, taking pictures of what I eat is making me more aware of the choices I'm making. I sure don't want to have to tell you guys that I scarfed down a bunch of junk!

Here's what I did eat:

I had lunch with friends at Picazzo's, my favorite gourmet pizza place. Got my usual, the caesar salad with the special slice of the week. This week it was a margherita pizza, with tomato, basil and mozzarella. Yum! At 11 Points, it is a bit of an indulgence, but I just love Picazzo's. I try to get there at least once a payday.

A couple hours after lunch, I had another fun pack of mini Oreos. Really — how much fun are 5 bite-sized Oreos? I should give the rest away (but I'm sure I won't).

My at-work afternoon snack involved grape tomatoes and hummus on a sandwich thin. (I remembered to take a picture of the tomatoes this time.)

For dinner, I tried a new recipe, Quinoa and Black Beans. Someone brought it in to share at my last WW meeting, and I thought it sounded good. It was. I bulked it up a bit with some turkey smoked sausage, because I'm not much of a vegetarian. Even so, the whole bowl was just 4 Points. Watch for the recipe in a separate post.

Dessert was a Jell-O chocolate mousse cup (forgot to shoot). Then, at work for the evening, I snacked on another honeycrisp apple and some no-sugar-added peaches for 2 more Points. (I also had a piece of sugar-free root beer hard candy, which has barely any calories, so I'm counting it as 0. A 3-piece serving is 50 calories.)

No real exercise today, unless strolling around two grocery stores looking for quinoa counts, but the weather is going to be perfect for a walk in the morning — not too cold.

Below is my food journal from Tweet, Eat, Post, a great tool at Roni's Weigh.

light yogurt 2
picazzo's caesar salad & slice of pizza lunch combo 11
halloween pk mini oreos 1
10 grape tomatoes 0
2 tbsp hummus w/ sandwich thin 2
quinoa and black beans w/ 2 oz. turkey smoked sausage 4
jell-o chocolate mousse 1
honeycrisp apple 1
no-sugar-added peaches 1

Table provided by Roni's Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.

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