November 9, 2009

Getting used to it

This visual food journal thing takes some getting used to. I forgot to snap photos of several things I ate this weekend. OK ... perhaps I purposely forgot a few. Nah ... I wouldn't do that! :D

Saturday started out with those yummy pumpkin pancakes from Green Lite Bites and some sugar-free syrup (5 Points total).

Lunch a couple of hours later was a burrito from Burritos Fiesta, a delicious little place next to (you guessed it) TCBY. I capped off a tasty chicken burrito with a kid-sized pumpkin yogurt from next door (another 12 Points).

Having eaten too many points by that time (a total of 17 if I'm estimating the burrito correctly at 10), I admit it: I went a little nuts. That darn "I already messed up, so screw it" attitude crept in. At work, I ate a Halloween-sized box of Hot Tamales, then went for the healthy apple I'd bought (2 more Points).

Tried to get back on track at dinner, eating a nice, healthy salad complete with a dressing of EVOO/balsamic vinegar and 2 ounces of turkey and cheese on a Sandwich Thin (4 Points).

After dinner, I had another Kashi TLC dark chocolate coconut bar and some Brach's Autumn Mix (5 Points total for both). I also munched on another Halloween-pack of Whoppers and a bag of microwave popcorn that you didn't see in the pictures, bringing the day's total to 32. And I doubt I had enough FPs left to cover it. :P

Today, I slept through breakfast. I didn't get up until almost 2 p.m., actually. Even so, I had some pumpkin pie oatmeal when I woke up (2). Then, I took a Sandwich Thin with hummus to the movie theater with me when I went to see "Couples Retreat" (2 more).

The good news? I said "no" to the movie popcorn! Go, me! (I have to celebrate the small successes.)

After the movie, I hit the mall. Read somewhere that Cost Plus World Market had a sale on Torani sugar-free syrups. (They were still a bit pricey at two bottles for $12, but I'll probably pick a couple up on payday.) I stopped in the food court for a butterscotch pecan cookie (5 Points, bringing the total so far to 9 for the day).

Then, feeling a bit annoyed with the Boyfriend, who knew I had the day off and chose not to spend it with me, I decided to have dinner at Long John Silvers. (I know, I know. Stupid, self-destructive thing to do.) I thought long and hard before doing it, though, knowing that I'd have to take a picture of it to show you all. Ordered the fish/chicken combo basket, with fries and 2 hush puppies. They gave me the 2 fish combo instead. I only ate about half the fries, so the meal totaled about 16 1/2 Points (12 for 2 pieces of fish, 2 for the hush puppies and 2 1/2 for the fries I ate).

Wow. Looking at it that way, that's a pretty steep price tag. Had I gotten the chicken plank I wanted, it would have been only 13 1/2. Only?! :P

Even though that brought my day's total to 25 1/2, I wanted something else sweet after dinner and a stint at Barnes & Noble, where I sat in the cafe and wrote for a while. Instead of buying something really awful for me (like one of the delicious-looking Red Velvet Cupcakes from the BN bakery case), I picked up a cake mix and went home to make diet soda cupcakes. Chocolate cake mix with a can of Cherry Coke. Mmm ... even with no icing, they're pretty tasty.

Remarkably, I stopped with just one (2 Points). Woo-hoo (another small success)!

After spending several more hours writing (my word count is up to 8,755 now), I popped some popcorn using the paper bag trick (regular popcorn in a brown paper bag. It pops up just like the microwave stuff, but tastes fresher.). And now I'm here, totaling up the damage ... 28 1/2 Points for the day.

Actually, that's not as bad as I thought it might be. Cool. Maybe I'll actually see a good result at the scale in the morning.

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  1. I love your new idea of taking pics of all the food you ate. Even though u missed a few things, you're better at this then I would be. LOL

    I have a hard enough time just keeping track (writing down) what I ate...I wouldn't be able to also keep track of calories or any point system.