November 16, 2009

More bad days than good

Considering that I had meltdown moments on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday of last week, I'm really not surprised that the scale didn't behave the way I wanted it to today.

Add in the fact that I chugged a 16.9-ounce bottle of water on the drive up from the Boyfriend's to my WW meeting, and the cause of my gain is easy to see. It was either too much bad food or the water that I thought I'd manage to eliminate when I arrived — or a combination of the two.

The damage could have been worse, I suppose. I was up just 1 pound (and some of that could have been from the water).

Regardless, it's a reminder that I need to have more good days than bad if I'm going to see the scale go in the right direction. Here's to a much better week.

And here's today's food journal — at least what I managed to remember to shoot.

Breakfast after my WI was a clementine (I ate another one just like it on the drive up from Eric's). For lunch, I ate leftover beans with a turkey hot dog on half a Sandwich Thin. Dessert was a Diet Soda Cupcake, halved, filled with 1 Tablespoon of FF Cool Whip and then frozen for about 15 minutes. Can I just say yum?

My at-work snacks were a stick of RF sharp cheddar cheese and then, a little later, my newest find: Goldfish S'mores. You get chocolate goldfish, graham goldfish and these cute little fish-shaped marshmallows. Delicious! And a serving has just 3 Points.

For dinner, I made stuffed bell peppers in the Crock Pot. It was the recipe our WW leader, Colleen, shared with us this week, and it sounded so good that I picked up the missing ingredients on the way home. Half the recipe made 3 servings, so I froze two for quick dinners later on.

No real activity to speak of today, but I got a few hundred more words written on my manuscript for the NaNoWriMo. I'm making a walk a priority in the morning though, whether it's cold outside or not.

I know, I know. Those are brave words for someone who hates being cold! :D

Here's my Tweet, Eat, Post chart:

2 clementines 1
1 cup bush's baked beans, turkey dog & 1/2 sandwich thin 8
diet soda cupcake, halved, w/ 1 t ff cool whip 2
rf sharp cheddar stick 2
1 svg s'mores goldfish crackers 3
stuffed bell pepper 5
yoplait parfait - lemon torte 2
1/2 oz peanuts 2

Table provided by Roni's Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.

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