October 31, 2009

Must find a better way to cope with stress

I admit it: I'm a stress eater. I know this about myself and try to compensate whenever possible.

Today, I failed miserably. I told myself I wouldn't eat my way through a stressful evening at work — but I did it anyway.

I know there are other ways to deal with stress: Take a walk ... phone a friend ... take a stretching break ... run to a quiet place and let out a scream ... :D

But when you don't feel like you can leave your desk for longer than it takes to hit the bathroom, it's rather difficult to do any of those things. Much easier to snack.

Except it's not better for my waistline — and I've decided that the status quo is not working. After realizing a couple of posts ago that I've basically maintained my weight for a year (down about 50 but with about 20 left to get to goal), I've been trying to come up with ways to shake things up a bit.

One way would be to come up with suitable alternatives to stress-eating. Any of you out there have any ideas on how to stop snacking when I'm stressed out but feel obligated to stay at my desk, plowing through a pile of pages?


  1. Dropping over from BTL...
    I can definitely relate to stress eating! That's when I want to get to the drive through faster than is humanly possible. I defintely don't have it figured out, but will be checking back in to see what other people suggest :)

  2. I have this problem too! I am chained to my desk most of the time. Have you ever tried desk exercises? Like push ups using your desk, or arm dips with your desk. If you google search exercises to do at your desk, lots of ideas come up. It helps me somtimes. I've even been known to just stand up at my desk and do jumping jacks. :)

  3. I could try that. There are only a few people in at that late hour to see me and start a rumor that I'm going nuts! :D