January 27, 2010

Who knew?

Did you know a $2 bill is worth exactly ... $2.

Since I'd never seen one in circulation, I was hoping it'd be worth much, much more. Alas, $2 bills are still in circulation, so even fresh, crisp $2 bills from 1976 are worth no more than face value.

Not what I wanted to hear, what with my finances in the mess they're in. I stress-ate my way through the weekend after discovering the d*** bill collector is still taking $200+ from my paycheck each payday. I NEVER agreed to pay them freakin'$400 a month ... EVER. (I believe we settled on $150.)

I can't live on $600 a paycheck when my mortgage takes $500 and my car insurance takes the rest.

So I spent the weekend stressing about money. I skipped my WW meeting for two reasons: No cash to pay for it and the home scale said 192.5 (up considerably from last Monday's total) ... that meant it would have been a waste of money anyway. :P

The stress eating stops now, though. I really want to follow WW at home on my own for the next month or so until I can get the wage garnishment stopped and go back to my meeting.

Until then, I have to do it on my own, for myself. I'm still so close to goal that I don't want to reverse my progress.

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  1. Aw I'm so sorry life's not going well. But i know waht you mean about the $2 bills...i have a couple i think they are cool but they are still 2 dollars :( But ironically I was getting off track too and my Nana sent me this amazing poem in the mail they it seems like everyone could use about now. check it out!! good luck with everything!