January 19, 2010

Good day

Funny how success at the scale sets me up for success all around. Today was no different. After my good WI, I ate a healthy lunch (cheesy Choice Ramen w/ veggies from my ever-dwindling stash) and then headed to work.

Before I left the office for the night, I checked my gmail account one last time and found more good news: One of the two agents I sent queries to about my manuscript wrote back, wanting to see more!

I think the first words out of my mouth were "Oh my God" or something like that. I was so excited ... I read the letter twice, then texted the Boyfriend with the good news. Then I headed home to get those 30 pages ready to upload to the agency's database.

That was a bit of a trial. Even though I had a Microsoft Word file, I kept getting an error page. "Please upload a supported file type," it said. MS Word was a supported file type! So I tried a Simple Text file, .rtf, which was also on the list. No luck there. Finally, I figured out that my Word file didn't have the .doc on it ... when I added it, the database accepted it just fine.

Hmm. Guess this post falls into the "adventures in life" category, since it doesn't have much to do with weight loss or cooking.

I did manage to plan ahead for dinner. Before I left for work, I put out a turkey burger to defrost and sliced up a potato to make my famous "Foreman fries" on George (the George Foreman grill I have). That way, when I got home for my dinner break, I didn't have to wonder what I was going to eat. Dinner was 7 Points (turkey burger 3, sandwich thin 1, foreman fries w/ olive oil 3) ... and then I snacked on a granola bar and some peanuts after dinner (another 6).

Total Points consumed today: 30 of 23 allowed
FP used: 7

The snow is falling fast and furious now ... I doubt I'll be getting to see the Boyfriend on my day off Wednesday. We're supposed to be getting snow all week. :P Have I mentioned how much I hate snow? (Probably about a dozen times, eh?) At least I can earn some APs with all the shoveling!