January 12, 2010

Health screening

Had my health screening at work today and the results left something to be desired.

First off, their scale weighed me at 193.6 ... That's way off from the home scale, which said 186.something this morning. Granted, I did eat a donut at the mall this afternoon, but that shouldn't have caused a 7-pound gain. (The good news is the donut, filled with peanut-butter cream was way too rich. I won't be pining for one of those every time I walk past the bakery anymore.)

They did a body composition test (based on the higher weight) and my body fat came out at 34.3 percent. Not great, by any stretch of the imagination ... but I can remember when I first started Atkins, my body fat percentage bordered on 46 percent. That makes 34.3 percent an improvement. Still, it can be better — loads better.

My other results:

BMI: 27.8
Total Cholesterol: 169
HDL (good) Cholesterol: 44
Blood sugar (not fasting): 133 (I'm blaming the donut!)
BP: 140/76

With the stats recorded for posterity, it's time to concentrate on "The Biggest Loser." I think I'll do some exercise while I watch.

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