January 18, 2010


... And this time, it was a good surprise — two, actually.

First, the news you've all been waiting for: Results of today's WI. (Drumroll, please.) Down 1.2 pounds.

I was surprised, because when I hopped on the home scale, I thought I was pretty much the same as last Monday. Apparently, I'd forgotten what the home scale said.

I'll take the loss and be glad, because my Thursday and Friday weren't all that great.

The other surprise: The baked potato I had when I got home from work last night was very filling. First, I nuked a potato. While it was cooking, I rummaged around in the freezer. (I was inspired by Tonyne over at The Unlikely Success Story, who recently wrote a post about cleaning out her freezer.) Found a partial bag of sad frozen veggies and decided they'd be just the thing to make my potato a "Filling Food."

I cut up a mushroom and a little onion and nuked it with the frozen veggies, then topped the potato with them. I also added 1 T bacon bits, 2 T RF cheddar and 2 T RF sour cream.

It hit the spot — and was only 5 Points.


  1. good job on your loss. keep it up.


  2. uhhh...that looks AMAZING! and good thinking with filling foods! im going to try that, throwing things together!