January 21, 2010

Great Wednesday ... & snowy Thursday

Activity (in the form of snow shoveling), plenty of water and staying within my Points … what more could a girl want?

This post is going to be quick because I’ll be up earlier than normal to go to work. We’re clearing early because of the monster snowstorm set to hit Flagstaff Thursday and Friday.

I like the thought of clearing early … I just wish it didn’t mean going in at 11 a.m. I’m used to having my mornings to myself.

10 min shoveling snow, 15 on elliptical [-2]-2
svg spcl k cinnamon pecan w/ 1/2 c milk 3
ww pasta w/ lean ground beef, tomatoes, mushroom & onion 6
sf jell-o mousse cup 1
1/2 sandwich thin w/ 1 t rf pb, 1 t choc chips 4
hg slow cooker pulled ckn on sandwich thin w/ 1 c whole grain rice a roni 8
yoplait light mixed w/ 1/4 c ff cool whip & frozen for 1 hr 3
popcorn 1

Table provided by Roni's Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.

That was last night's post, which I apparently forgot to publish.

Now, it's morning, and the snow is coming down. The snowblower woke me up — at least I think that's what it was. I heard something weird hitting my window, anyway. I sure hope it was snow. Kind of annoying when I didn't get to sleep until 3, to be awake again at just before 7. But a lot less annoying than ME having to go out and shovel this crap ... :D

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  1. I love getting some snow-shoveling exercise! Two birds with one stone :)