September 26, 2009

My favorite salad ... from McDonald's, anyway

I know a lot of people who swear by McDonald's Southwest Chicken Salad — but I'm more of a Chicken Bacon Ranch kind of girl.

I think it's because, after two years on the Atkins diet, I love bacon. (Or maybe I just got along so well doing the low-carb thing because I was a bacon lover to start.)

With its cheese and bacon, the Chicken Bacon Ranch salad makes me feel like I've had something delicious and decadent ... and all for just 5 Points. (The dressing adds something, depending on what you use. I have Kraft light ranch packets in my purse and a bottle of Walden Farms creamy bacon dressing in the fridge — the former has 2 Points, the latter 0. Which one I use depends on where I am when the salad craving strikes.)

Oh, how I wish it would strike more often. I wish I could say I LOVE salads. Unfortunately, when I try to make one a meal, I often walk away wanting something more. This Chicken Bacon Ranch salad really satisfies.

And that's what matters: Finding foods that don't make you feel deprived.

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