September 15, 2009

Dare I say I'm on a roll?

Even though it was a short week (I weighed in last Wednesday because my regular Monday meeting was closed for Labor Day), I still managed to record a loss this week.

That's right: I'm down 1.8 more pounds, for a total of 63 pounds altogether. More exciting still is that I have just 13 pounds left to lose before I hit my WW goal.

Amazing what happens when I actually track every bite that goes into my mouth!

OK, I'm not really amazed. I know tracking is an important part of the plan. I just have to fight my natural tendency, which is to stop writing it down the minute I eat something I know I shouldn't. Sometimes I find that what I thought was really horrible wasn't really that bad.

Then there are times when I discover it's a lot worse than I thought it'd be. For instance, a small
piece of cake with icing has something ridiculous like 12 Points — half my day's allowance. And you can forget about Wendy's Baconator, which has 830 calories, 51 grams of fat and 1 gram of fiber for a WW Points total of 21.

The sad thing
about that is Wendy's introduced its Baconator after I started WW. Had I still been doing Atkins, I could have enjoyed one sans bun. But I can see no place in the WW universe for the Baconator. Maybe on the last day of the week, if I haven't used all my Flex Points yet ...

Like that ever happens.

I guess I should take heart that the Boyfriend ordered one a couple of nights ago (for me he said) and told me it didn't taste that good. Then again, why take his word for it? He's more carbivore than carnivore.

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