September 30, 2009


I love Roni's Chicken Surprise. I've made it at least a half-dozen times and always eat all the leftovers before they go bad.

For dinner tonight, I let that recipe inspire me to try something new, but similar. I made a skillet meal with lean ground beef, beef-flavored rice mix, corn, green beans and salsa. It turned out pretty well — if a little spicy. (Not sure why I found it spicy. The salsa I bought said it was "medium" and I'm usually OK with medium salsas.)

I wish I'd remembered to take a picture of it, but I'll try to remember to snap one next time I reheat the leftovers.

Here's the recipe for what I'm calling Mexican-style beef and rice:

8 oz. 93% lean ground beef
1 box reduced-sodium beef-flavored Rice-a-Roni
1 1/2 cups water
1 cup salsa
1 cup corn with red and green bell pepper pieces
1 can green beans

Brown beef in a good-sized skillet. Add rice and cook according to package directions, subbing 1 1/2 cups water and 1 cup salsa for the 2 1/2 cups water called for on the box. When you have about 5 minutes of cooking time left, add the corn and beans.

Makes 4 servings, each with 6 WW Points. (I know Roni's Chicken Surprise is 3 servings with 7 Points each, but when I tried to do 3 servings, it came out to 8 Points ... and that was too pricey for one meal.)

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  1. Hey Arlene,

    I just discovered that my bookmark for your site only gave me your first post and that you've actually written lots of great posts since that one! Good job on your latest weigh in. I keep going and weighing in, but I am desperate to see a good loss. Maybe this week. Your recipes sound fun. I made hamburger soup tonight--deelish. Keep going and I'll keep reading. (Why won't this site accept my BTL open id??)