February 23, 2010

A second good day

Today was another good day, due in part to the migraine-like headache that kept me from moving (or eating) for a good portion of the day. By the time dinner rolled around, I still had 12 Points left ... so I fixed some pasta, veggies, pasta sauce and RF parmesan cheese and had a homemade coffee drink for dinner.

My "frappuccino" was delicious: 1/2 cup coffee-flavored ice cream and 3/4 cup almond milk for just 3 Points. Yum!

Now, I still have 4 Points left. I'm trying to decide what I should eat. Something with nutritional value, probably ... but the Thin Mints in the kitchen seem to be calling me. I think they're 4 Points per serving. I'll have to check.

Of course, that's not the best snack to eat while catching up on last week's episode of "Biggest Loser." I keep thinking I should be working out while I watch.

here goes nothing!
what's for lunch?
i'm thinkin' ... enchiladas. (sorry arby's.) now, if i can only find my hg recipe for healthy enchiladas, i'll be set.
#food half of the homemade enchiladas i made - head hurt 2 much 2 eat4
#food svg. spcl k & skim milk3
#food apple w/ 2t pb5
#food whole wheat pasta w/ zucchini, mushroom, onions in 1 tsp oil & 1/2 cup pasta sauce5
#food 1/2 cup coffee-flv. ice cream blended w/ 3/4 cup almond milk - yum!3

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  1. Looks like you had a really good day! Everything looks really balanced and nutritious! :)