February 27, 2010

Lesson learned — again

I know I've discovered this once or twice before, but when I'm tracking Points properly, I often find that things aren't as bad as I feared.

Case in point: Today's smoothie from Starbuck's — only 4 Points. But the last few times I ordered it (already in "what the hell, I've already shot the day" mode), I continued overeating for the rest of the day.

Today, armed with the knowledge of how many Points I was actually consuming — not as many as I'd feared — I managed to finish the day having eaten just 29.5 Points. (That's 5.5 FPs used, since I'm allowed 24 these days.)

And that was with eating out — TWICE. I had my favorite lunch, a slice of pizza and caesar salad from Picazzo's, and went to Taco Bell for dinner.

At Taco Bell, knowing that I'd only had 16 1/2 Points for the day, I ordered two grilled steak tacos (fresco style, for 6 Points). I even treated myself to an order of cinnamon twists, which took me to 25 1/2 total Points eaten. Usually when I go to Taco Bell on a Friday night, I'm already in that "what the hell" mode and I order something gooey, cheesy and really bad for me.

My after-dinner snack to carry me through the rest of the night at work was another package of those Special K Fruit Crisps. Then, when I got home from work, I had a Bagel Thin with 1 T RF cream cheese.

I avoided the Girl Scout cookies on the communal desk a few steps from mine, in part because I knew my Points total was under control for the day.

It's nice to know how much I've actually eaten, instead of fearing the worst. It keeps me from going off the deep end and eating everything in sight. And that, my friends, is a wonderful feeling. I'd like to have it more often.

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  1. That IS a great feeling! Good job!!

    In response to your note, yes it is suede and only $20, almost brand new. I love thrift stores. I usually only shop at ones that are for charity, like Goodwill stores. I give clothes to those places all the time and I give nice stuff and I always find GREAT stuff in them. Especially while losing weigh, I get great clothes that I don't spend a fortune on, not knowing how long they will fit. A lot of my stuff comes from thrift stores. It's so not just other peoples crap...I mean, you have to weed through crap, but there are gems to be found!