December 27, 2009

Not looking for much

My weigh-in is tomorrow, and I'm not counting on it being a good one. Again this week, I had more bad days than good. (Monday, Tuesday and Sunday were good; the rest weren't.)

Before WI, I head to the doctor's office for my annual exam. I'm toying with the idea of asking him if I should get a note from him to up my goal weight to 180 ... That's 10 pounds higher than it currently is, and 8 pounds above the upper end of my range.

He'll say "no," I'm sure. There's no reason why I shouldn't be able to hit 170 ...

Well, there is: It's my laziness. I've been a bad Weight Watcher. I didn't count Points Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday ... and on Saturday, especially, I ate a lot of junk I didn't need (including Taco Bell for dinner). If I spent as much time on-plan as off-plan, I'd be at my goal by now.

The only reason I'm thinking about it is to save money, anyway. If I bump up my goal, I can get there that much faster, and then I'll be able to quit paying for WW meetings.

I want to hit 170, darn it ... and soon. It's going to take commitment and fewer excuses.


  1. Your doctor just might do it, as long as at 180 you're within a healthy BMI. Or, he might just do it because you tell him why. Just be careful it doesn't cost you the motivation...sometimes the money can be the truly motivating factor. Its not a bad idea, in order to save yourself some money. The last 10 lbs is really the hardest...unfortunately!

  2. Hey Arlene. Saw your post at BTL and didn't realize you'd started your own blog. I guess when I go off the wagon I miss stuff :P

    You are doing so fantastic m'dear. It is so impressive to see. I totally understand about the costs each week though. Up here in Canada I was paying about $17 a week to go. That was for one meeting and no online priviledges. It adds up fast.

  3. I did ask ... he wrote me a note for a goal weight of 175 (which is only 3 pounds higher than the top of my range). I think it'll actually free me to make progress, not having to think about that mythical 170.

    I hope so, anyway!

  4. That's great news Arlene! Sometimes those mythical numbers are overwhelming and one stops focusing on all the other parts of the benefits of healthier living.