December 6, 2009

Feeling much better now

I had a pretty good day overall. I got in a nice walk and only ate 27 Points total.

Subtract the 2 APs I earned on my walk and I only used 2 FPs. (I'm going to discount the fact that I doubt I have any left for the week after that rough patch.)

Have I mentioned that I love Hungry Girl? I baked up some of her Butternut Squash Bake after lunch, and had some as a snack, and then another serving with dinner. Delicious! Except I'm beginning to think it's not just Burger King onion rings that don't agree with me. The onions in the squash bake seemed to give me gas, too. :P

Here's the Tweet, Eat, Post version of my day. I'll try to add some pictures later, when I get them off the camera.

zucchini, grilled w/ 1 tsp olive oil 1
sandwich thin w/ 2 oz ham, wedge lc light, ff mayo, honey mustard 4
2 clementines 1
pumpkin fluff 1
ww 2-point double chocolate bar 2
hg cheesy butternut squash bake 2
ff tuna salad w/ crackers 3
bbq chicken sandwich 4
butternut squash bake 2
jell-o sf chocolate mousse 1
1/2 oz. peanuts 2
ww brownie 2
100-cal pk cocoa-roasted almonds - love em! 2

Table provided by Roni's Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.

Anyway, since it worked for me last night, I'm going to try it again: I won't be having snack when I get home from work, and I will be getting up early(ish) to take a walk before I head to the NaNoWriMo "Thank goodness it's over" party at Barnes & Noble at noon. (And, just for good measure, I WON'T be eating cheesecake like I did last Sunday at BN.)

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